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Intuitive Hypnosis and More                   

Home of "Tactical Imaging" (c)                              

Professional Caring Staff

We work to assist you in finding answers that are hidden within. Relax and let your mind find solutions to your issues. Hypnosis is safe and proven effective.

TACTICAL IMAGING(c) - Allows you to access your deeper mind and go directly to the areas of concern in your situation. Very quick and very effective. Typical session is about 1 hour and costs $100.

Advanced Skill sets

Consultations are a Big part of what we do. We consult on matters of spiritual importance to the client. Clients call on behalf of their children and inquire about a behavior or observation that seems unusual. Many questions can be addressed over the phone and or by email. If needed we will meet with you for a one on one consultation.

Our President Rev. Dr. Terry Trueblood PhD, is called upon by many in professional occupations to conduct Hypnosis sessions for work improvement, health issues, sports performance and general self exploration. Additional skills set include Reiki sessions, tuning forks, meditation training and paranormal investigations. Kind of a one stop shop for the more esoteric things in life.

Intuitive Hypnosis and More

We provide a unique multifaceted set of skills to meet your needs. If we cannot help you we will do our best to refer you to our network of partners. The world is more than what you see.... what you see is only the surface of a vast universe; with a Creator who loves you unconditionally.